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Solid Endurance

Saturday, February 9th, 2008

Solid Endurance
I want to go to the JTF-2?

There are 17 shots in 2 weeks. I'll do whatever I can to get to the JTF-2 Canadian soldiers. I Know I'm going to have to go to training and continue my training for a chance to get them. They often work outside and do a lot of resistance. That could not wait to go im 19, so based on the resistance and incredible strength, but I'm in a surprising way what kind of company will probably happen after high school. What will be difficult to obtain for someone like me, the physical and mental strength that is impressive as a good strong leader? Any advice I can give to master my goal?

JTF-2 is very difficult to obtain. You should be in the regular force for 2 years or reservations of 3 before you can apply. Only 10% of appplicants in must be absolutely the best in the Canadian Forces. They join the army not because he believes that is in the JTF-2 because it is a good opportunity not to try to enter into ROSC (Special Operations Regiment Canada) before even thinking of JTF-2. Even the ROSC will be difficult. You still have time to go before I finish school. Surprisingly Stay stay and improve your fitness. Good luck.

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