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When To Workout

Monday, March 1st, 2010

Is there really a difference between doing your workout in the morning compared to at night? If you asked people this question, the majority would be split down the middle 50-50 and then you would have some that just workout whenever the schedule permits.

Morning workouts

Working out in the morning has several key benefits one of the major ones is increased metabolism and fat loss. If you workout it in the morning prior to eating your body will be burning almost purely fat, as all the glycogen and carbohydrate stores have been used up during the fasting period of sleep. Another benefit of working out in the morning is it boosts your metabolism for the rest of the day. Thus you burn more calories throughout the day. The downside to working out in the morning is that stress hormone levels in the body are normally more elevated during the morning hours. On top of this elevation of stress hormones, working out also increases levels of cortisol and other stress hormone in the body. This increase in stress hormones can make it difficult to increase fitness levels as well as increased muscle mass as stress hormones like cortisol are known as catabolic hormones which break down muscle tissue.

Evening workouts

The major benefit of evening workouts is that you don’t have that major increase in stress hormones due to just waking up and being the early morning. Another benefit of evening workouts is it helps people forget the stresses of their job, or other daily stresses. The real downside of evening workouts is again it will increase your metabolism and in essence stimulate your mind so people may find it hard to go to sleep if done too close to bedtime.

Basically in the end, there is no real difference between workouts in the morning compared to workouts in the evening. It really comes down to the person’s preference as well as what they can fit into their schedule.


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